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You guys never send me anons so pretty please? *batts eyelashes*

Go for it <3

Guys pleaaaase do this. I need some anons in my life

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So i did..

I don’t really look at my followers considering that i don’t post much stuff here (as much as i do on IG) but i decided to check it today thinking i don’t have nearly as much as the people i do follow, which is totally fine but NO i only have a 10 count difference. So thank you to my followers who’ve stuck with me until now.

P.S. you’re awesome, i love you !!

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the way Santana looks at Brittany

like she knows, she KNOWS that she’s hurting her, but she’s so scared and she has to protect herself, and that kills her. She wants Brittany so badly- more than anything- but she can’t be open about it yet. And Brittany’s face in this whole scene is just alkfbsdkfnsdlf

Like, she looks absolutely devastated. Within the span of like, three days, she’s had her heart crushed twice by the two people she loves- one of them her best friend. And even though Brittany knows why Santana said it- and knows Santana’s lying- it still hurts her so much to have to be patient, to have to wait. But she does.

Which is just another reason why Brittany is flawless. She loves Santana so, so much. ;O;

Just go on without me, okay?

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So damn sexy…

Please help


Earlier this week I received a diagnosis for all my recent bodily woes and was told I might not get better. It’s possible I might; the human body is still a mystery to even the most brilliant doctors. Unfortunately arriving at my diagnosis cost me thousands of dollars, months of discomfort, and…